The final goodbye: Trump pardons former strategists and many more

As Trump said the final goodbye to his close family and supporters before leaving for Florida, the 45th President bid adieu by pardoning well over 100 of the people that were charged with various crimes. One of the people who was pardoned was Trump’s former adviser, Steve Bannon!

the final goodbye

The Final Goodbye by the 45th POTUS!

As President was leaving office last night, he rolled out a list of people that he decided to pardon before leaving. The list included several ex-politicians and the rapper Lil Wayne as well, who was charged for the possession of a loaded and gold-plated hand gun.

One of the guilty that Trump pardoned was his former adviser, Steve Bannon. Bannon was charged for defrauding hundreds of Trump supporters who donated money for his “Build A Wall Campaign.”

Bannon kept re-assuring the Republicans that the money had been kept aside for new sections of the wall meanwhile, he had used $1M of the collected funds for his own personal expenses. He had collected well over $25M from the people!

Apart from his former adviser, Trump granted clemency to a lot of people including the father of his son in law who was charged for tax evasion and witness tampering!

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