Rochelle Walensky Assures To Speed Vaccination, Restore Trust In Agency

2020 was about coronavirus and it seems like 2021 is about its vaccine ignore the fact virus is still in the town. Rochelle Walensky the incoming director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the agency will work its level best to vanish the doubts of the Americans regarding COVID vaccines.

She also pledges that they will try their level best to improve the vaccine and makes sure it is more effective than the previous results. Rochelle Walensky has taken the place of Robert Redfield, the director of 2018 on 20 January 2021.

Rochelle Walensky On Her Future Plans Regarding Vaccines

The new President Joe Bidden has been planning to accelerate all the problems related to vaccines. He wanted to make sure to boost the vaccine effect, there would be a shortage of vaccines and would be easily available for everyone without any hurdles.

But the new CDC Director said, “We want to do mobile clinics because not everybody is going to be able to get to a stadium, we want to bring those clinics to the people, to the communities where they otherwise wouldn’t have had adequate outreach.”

She also showed her concern saying that the CDC should reach out to the people who accept that they don’t need the vaccine. According to her, we don’t know that we need it or not.

rochelle walensky said everyone should be vaccianted

She stated, “Right now is the time to do that outreach, to do that education, to understand why it is they may not want it and what it is that they need to understand in order to want it,”

Well we really do hope for the best!

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