AstraZeneca Vaccine Approved By Drap For Emergency Use In Pakistan

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap) has officially approved first local vaccine of Pakistan. This approval help at the Oxford University last Saturday that for the obvious reasons, COVID-19.

The special assistant Prime Minister of Health Dr. Faisal Sultan publically told that “Drap granted emergency use authorization to AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine,”

It also revealed that by the time of November this will be very effective. Not just in Pakistan, it is already being used for several other countries of the United Kingdom and India.

Talking about the effectiveness of AstraZeneca then one full dose reduces 90% of the coronavirus while two doses confirmed 62 pc. On the contrary, no safety events were confirmed by the company.

Pakistan’s Action On AstraZeneca Vaccine

Pakistan has already prebooked it from China as the results seem to be promising to the country as well.

Talking further about it Faisal Sultan said, “We are in the process to obtain Western origin and other vaccines both via bilateral purchase agreements as well as via the Covax facility,” 

He made statement that the country has chances to get millions of vaccines dose under an agreement of China CanSinoBio.

The company of Ad5-nCoV Covid-19 is one of the mission of completion of phase 3 trial in the Pakistan. The Prime Minister of Sultan said, “We have and are watching the evolving stories around efficacy of a number of vaccines.” Also added that the results will hopefully comes out in the mid of February.

astrazeneca vaccine

Recently, Pakistan has reported 2,432 new coronavirus cases and 45 deaths on Friday.

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