In 2013, This Man Accidentally Threw His Hard Drive In The Trash, Tt Had 7,500 Bitcoins And Now Offers 72 Million Dollars If They Let Him Look For It

As the news of Bitcoins is getting more normalized now. Just a citizen of New Port has reached out to local authorities and asked them to conduct a search of a hard drive that he threw away in 2013 in a municipal landfill. That hard drive apparently has bitcoins whose worth for now would be around 210 million ponds that in dollars make around 288 million dollars – huge right?

Talking about the background of the inhabitant of New Port, he is 35 years old and engineer whose name is James Howells. The story behind this incident is he was cleaning his house in 2013 and threw away the hard drive later realizing it had bitcoins.

Bitcoins hard drive threw in 2013

Later the local authorities rejected his request as it might seems really lame to them. But then the Howells being really clever offered the 25 percent of the bitcoins hard drive which nearly make around 7,500 million.

James Howell while having conversation with South Wales Argus said, “I would like the opportunity to sit down with the decision makers and present an action plan to them,”

Strategy Of Programmers To Recover Hard Drive of Bitcoins

According to the sources the developer has said, “So I could access the landfill log, identify the week I dumped the hard drive, identify the container’s serial number, and then the grid landmark,”

And talking about Howell he really hopeful that her will recover it back despite it has been altogether eight years since he has lost it. His words are, “The box could be rusty, but it is possible that the disk inside where the data is stored still works,” 

At last, the New Port Council has announced that it is impossible to recover it but somehow they did, then they will donate all the amount of their percent to the patients of Coronavirus.

What do you think will they be able to find it out or not?

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