Are Zayn and Gigi tying the knot in 2021?

Are Zayn and Gigi tying the knot? The best thing ever is when two of your favorite stars are planning to take their relationship a step forward. Malik and Hadid have been the power couple for a long time now but the question is, are Zayn and Gigi getting married this year?

tying the knot

Are Malik and Hadid tying the knot?

Zayn recently released his new album titled “Nobody Is Listening” which includes some pretty bad-ass tracks that people are enjoying to the most!

But there was one particular track that caught the people’s attention and it is named “When Love’s Around.” The lyrics of that song is what got people speculating about Malik and Hadid getting married.

The song goes: Never feels right / Never feel that type of way / But I need you in my life / Yeah you could be my wife for real / Only takes a woman / To show you what it means to love.

The rumor mill started churning days after Gigi was caught wearing a ring on her wedding finger in a live stream that she conducted. But we can’t be so sure as no one from the duo has confirmed anything of the sorts!

Hadid and Malik have been together for 6 years now and have a daughter together whose name is still to be disclosed by the parents!

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