The Simpsons Predicted Capitol Hills Riot In 1996

Just when we all were happy about the ending of 2020 apparently the worst year, 2021 welcomed us with Capitol Hills Riot. Guess What? “The Simpsons” predicted this a year ago. Isn’t it just shocking? We know right it is and everyone is going insane over this fact.

It is known and deep down believed that all the events that have happened and will happen in the future have already been predicted by the Simpsons. This cartoon show showed us about the new President that looked exactly alike Trump and that too took place.

Simpsons predicted many years ago

Then the three-eyed fish, a letter from the Beatles, and Siegfried and Roy tiger attack. These are not just it but a lot more and it includes the recent incident of Capitol riots as well.

The Simpsons Predicted Capitol Riots

This series was launched 31 years ago and it has already predicted most of the events.

The episode if it with the title The Day the Violence Died is all about angry police doing violence at the Capitol hills.

After this incident happened and observed, Francis Creaven tweeted with the clip of the Cartoon captioning it, Simpsons predicted it many years ago.

Each and everything happened in this video and clip is happening in real even the cause is same and the reactions of the police is same as well.

It seems like we should follow the show and know the future already because almost everything is happening up to it.

Was it shocking for you or you think this mediocre?

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