WhatsApp Privacy Policy Creates Huge Debate

WhatsApp has recently shared its updated WhatsApp privacy policy and the internet now is on fire. After Facebook, this was the least expected platform to invade the privacies. Because WhatsApp undoubtedly is the largest communication platform.

And it is a part of everyone’s lives. Well, now coming to the privacy policy, then it has been officially revealed that from February 2021 it would be changed.

New WhatsApp privacy policy

Why? For more relevant advertisements. Explaining your from the scratch, users outside of EU, and this policy allows parent company Facebook to read data such as your mobile number, IP address, and other identifiers to be able to serve you more personalized ads.

Well, these policies claim that it will help businesses to interact with individuals in a better way. But somehow these tactic and new policy of it is allowing Facebook to have access to all the data of the WhatsApp users.

Debates On WhatsApp Privacy Policy

Like always these new updates are surprising for all the users. And internet explodes listening to it. This time some of them were quite shocked and the others didn’t give it a second thought as according to them it is not something new.

While on the other hand, memes couldn’t stop their way in it.


Some tweeted:

While some users show the real dark side of it:

What was your reaction to this news? Are you planning to uninstall it?

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