Democrats call for Trump’s impeachment

Democrats are demanding Trump’s impeachment after he encouraged his supporters to storm the Capitol before Biden takes seat. Trump, who has been claiming voter fraud since Biden’s victory also called the rioters at the Capitol “great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long,” and now people want him gone sooner than expected and gone for good!

trump's impeachment

Trump’s impeachment might happen the second time!

The attack on the Capitol that left 5 dead was condoned by many Americans, even some of Republicans themselves did not support this decision taken by Trump and his accounts were removed from all of the social media sites he was active on!

Democrats also demanded Trump’s impeachment after this fiasco and House speaker Nancy Pelosi even stated on a private conference call with the Democrats that “we must take action!”

Observing the current conditions, Pelosi even stated that “This unhinged president could not be more dangerous.” Vice President Mike Pence is also being pressed by the Democrats to invoke the 25th Amendment that will remove Trump from his Presidency and will save the country from facing more stress.

If Trump gets impeached again, he will not be capable of running for President in 2024 and will never be holding office again.

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