Trump Criticized Heavily For Telling The Protestors, “We Love You”

Americans are traumatized as the calm protest is changed into a storm. As the angry mobbed past the barriers and stormed the Capitol. Hence Trump is in trouble. However, the police were unable to take any stand against such action or stand against the violations.

The former President, Mr. Donald himself has stark contrast over the protestors. As he never supported them in earlier times. If you guys are wondering which time I am talking about? Then during George Floyd’s death protest.

Trump against protest

He announced that whoever crosses the white house line will face poisoned dogs and a lot more bad things. And called the protestors of black lives matter “Thugs.”

Trump Being Criticized

But in present due to this protest, he started being all sweet. Which was quite unusual to the Americans and started criticizing him. He was really found to the ones who were protesting to storm the Capitol.

He alter posted a video on Twitter saying, “You have to go home now.” and continued saying, “We love you.”

He also Tweeted again and again.

He also posted:

To which the reactions of people were:

Some of them said:

There are a lot more criticism filled for the former President. What are your thoughts over it?

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