Will the $2000 stimulus check be approved? Fate in the hands of the Georgian Senate

The stimulus checks sent out earlier in 2020 amounted to $1200 and people went in a frenzy when the next check was $600! Taxpayers all over America were furious with the amount as this was the least that they had gotten ever. Let’s take a look at how the people of America can receive the $2000 stimulus check depending on the Georgian Senate win.

$2000 stimulus check

Will the $2000 stimulus check be approved?

Just recently, when the $600 bills were approved by President Trump, the idea was backed by the Georgian Senate runner Kelly Loeffler and several other Republicans as well. It was a last minute change to the $900 billion stimulus package.

The Democrats are thinking otherwise as they want Americans to receive $2000 bills for the coming year but the senate failed to approve these $2000 checks even after the House passed the bill authorising these payments for the people.

75% of Americans think that the $600 checks are too little for them and their families too. Biden, a Democrat will likely work in passing the bill for $2000 checks once he takes over the House in over 2 weeks. Meanwhile, it is being said that the Gerogian Senate race can play a big part in the approval of the $2000 checks as well.

How is race beneficial? If the Democrat Raphael Warnock wins the race, it will influence the outcome of the $2000 stimulus checks and those bills are likely to be sent out to the Americas. But if Kelly Loeffler finishes first, the checks can be said goodbye too as she also backed Trump’s policy to handover only $600 bills to the taxpayers!

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