Things We Did On Facebook That We Thought Were Cool But Definitely Were Not

Before the times of Instagram, the Facebook craze was OG. The trend of it was nothing less than addiction. All the Facebook users used to enjoy it so much and the hype of everything was beyond that. These things now sound odd in 2021.

Tagging on memes, laughing out loud on them, posting pictures, and a lot more is still on no offense but later in Facebook times it was something different. The whole vibe of it was different.

Following trend seems to be like a rule that can’t be disobeyed back then.

Trends Of Facebook That Were Not Cool

There were certain trends of Facebook that were not cool but following them made us feel like we are the coolest creatures on this planet. Let’s do a little throw back and embarrass ourselves.

1. We Used To Tag Our Friends As Different characters:

Our friends were a major part of our lives on Facebook times. Tagging them on different characters and getting to know their reactions was are favorite thing to do.

2. Minions Meme Were The Long Trend:

Later minions meme took their place, and making memes with their images on them was our really fun back then. But now it doesn’t seems a little bit funny.

facebook trends

3. Writing On Sand And CLicking Pictures:

Going on sand and not writing love or your boyfriends or best friends name wasn’t possible. Sands and clicking picture was the favorite thing to do and then putting them on the cover photos. Now sounds cringe right?

4. Friends Forever Quotes:

A day without tagging your friends on the best friends quotes and admiring our bond would be really difficult. It was a ritual.

5. Posting A Picture With The Lyrics:

Taking a picture and captioning it with the sad song lyrics was really trendy. People still do it right? But that sounds really childish now.

6. Heart Signs Were Mandatory:

Meeting your best friends and not making heart sign with hands was like a sin to commit. And later posting them as a profile picture was friendship goals.

These were some the things we used to follow and find really cool. But definetly were not that cool.

Was it a good throwback? How many of these trends have you followed? I think all of them, correct me if I am wrong.

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