Bitcoin prices hit a new high: valued at $33K as of now

The cost of the most valued cryptocurrency has shocked the market as Bitcoin prices hit a new high! Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin was valued at $0 as everyone thought of it is a risky investment in the beginning. 12 years after its entry into the market, Bitcoin is now valued at $33,000! Let’s learn more about this in today’s article.

bitcoin prices hit a new high

Bitcoin prices hit a new high!

The price of the leading cryptocurrency has reached $33k for the first time in 12 years adding an immediate exclamation point to the Bitcoin Network’s 12-year anniversary.

Once the price of the leading cryptocurrency surged high, it kept on skyrocketing as it rose $3000 more in value in under seven hours and reached a peak when it was valued at about $33,136.2, before finally settling to fluctuate between $30,00- to $33,000!

Bitcoin had also set a record in the previous year when it rose 300% with a 50% procurement in December alone. Jim Bianco, a well-known macro strategist tweeted that: “Bitcoin makes TSLA [Tesla] look like it is standing still,” when he learnt about Bitcoin’s surge.

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