Investment trends that soared in 2020

Let’s take a look at investment trends that skyrocketed in 2020. As profits increase over-time, investors are guaranteed to earn a higher price return. Although it is a substantial risk at times as the company investors trust their money with may go in a serious loss but people stayed at home almost the entire year and turned towards making money by investing in various stocks!

investment trends

Investment trends that soared in 2020!

1- Bitcoin

As more and more people began to learn about crypto-currency while being home, Bitcoin became even more common amongst the interested investors. The bitcoins prices had risen to $28,966 by the end of the year which means it was not a risky investments for the people invovlved.

2- Tesla

The Elon Musk company was also an opportunity for the investors as the Tesla made 499,550 sales in the year 2020! Tesla, which was considered a fail in 2017 is now one of the biggest automobile companies and is valued at about $208 Million dollars.

3- Apple

Apple, the safest long-term investment, as termed by NASDAQ, was one of the companies that saw a lot of investments this year. It was one of the most stable and predictable stock that people could have invested in.

4- SPACs

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies were a part of the investment trends of 2020 too. SACs made about $74 Billion in 2020, 200 SPACs appeared in the market in the year and made a good investment as well. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analysts wrote to clients in December, saying that 2020 “will undoubtedly be known as the year of the SPAC.”

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