How NYE 2021 was celebrated around the world

Whenever a year ends, it ends with late-night celebrations, a lot of fireworks, and good spirits for the next year. But at NYE 2021, things were very diffrent! The city streets ran quiet with only a few celebrations here and there due to the Covid-19 curfew. Let’s take a look at how NYE 2021 was celebrated around the world.

nye 2021

NYE 2021 around the world!

-New York City, America

The hustle-bustle of times square was nowhere to be seen when the clock struck 12:00 and the year ended. Confetti popped on empty streets of NYC and the square was closed to the public but stars like Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez performed as a part of the festivites.

-Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour was lit with a 12-minute firework show at midnight, but the spectacle only attracted a few dozen viewers due the covid-19 outbreak in one of the world’s largest countries.

-Mumbai, India

Usually containing a large gathering of excited people, the India gate in Mumbai was seen dark and empty this year as the city had imposed a strict lockdown in the city ahead of NYE 2021 celebrations. India is one of the big countries that have a ton of Covid-19 cases still active and affecting the masses.

-Seoul, South Korea

In the South Korean capital, New Year’s was unusually quite as the annual bell-ringing ceremony at the Gwanghwamun gate was cancelled which attracts thousand of Seoul residents each new year!

-Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The usual 8-minute firework show lit up the tallest building in the Emirates, Burj Khalifa, as it does every year but only a few spectators stopped to watch as the metropolis has strict Covid-19 restrictions for its residents as well.

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