Fans Are Not Happy With Victoria Beckham’s New Dress

The famous footballer David Beckham is among the most adored celebrities. And with him there comes great love for his wife Victoria Beckham and never forgetting his children as well.

fans sad about Victoria beckham's dress price

Well, to those who don’t know then Victoria Beckham is not just famous for being a wife of a famous footballer or you can say the wife of the most handsome man in the world. But she is also known as a designer. She designs some fantabulous pieces of clothes, outfits, accessories, and eyewear.

And all of them are undoubtedly beyond amazing but it would be an understatement if I don’t mention how high her clothes price tags are. And these prices have really disappointed in which context, let’s find out!

Victoria Beckham’s New Year Collection

As 2020 was about to end, the designer posted a picture of her collection’s new dress. Dress black or navy blue in color more with kneww length and backless. And the worth of the dress was $2000

She posted the picture of her new dress with the caption saying, “See out 2020 in the perfect open-back midi dress, even if you’re only celebrating at home”

The fact that dress is of $2000, which is extremely expensive) and to buy it to wear it in the house is what made fans furious.

Some of the comments are:

Some people said, “Only Victoria Beckham can forget that millions of people around the world are suffering financially, and she’s still trying to sell $2000 dresses that will never be worn… except for ‘around the house’ is her new sales pitch.”

Some of them replied in a sarcastic way,  “Love the dress Vic, but if you think I’m spending £1K to wear a dress at home with my dog, you are sorely mistaken hun!”

Others were:

“What beautiful distraction from the world… even if just for 30 seconds… So beautiful.”

 “This outfit… wow, just stunning. Just love the simplicity and beauty of it.”

Well, it clearly seems like the dress might be really beautiful but it didn’t suit well with the price expectations.

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