The Latest News On Coronavirus Update In US

We all know that coronavirus has a contagious disease. But we are not talking about the COVI-19 here. It is as we can say an old version of it. THE new COVID-19 version is here and it is too much to handle and terrifying as well.

If you are wondering what this new coronavirus version is? Then it is the new variant which blinds out the people. And this is not just rumors but certain cases of it have been found in the UK.

coronavirus new vaccine

This new variant has now been find in China, which was all cleared of COVID patients, as well. And several other countries too.

Talking about the vaccine of it has been made by US scientists and they are working on it. Let’s just wait for them to bring something wowing!

UK Might Close Schools Due To Coronavirus New Variant

The new variant of coronavirus is quite risky for everyone. And people are rally scared of it. And that’s why UK might close the schools as well. Well, taking about studies closing anything was the last in UK’s list.

Let’s just hope we get rid of this new variant and the old COID-19 in 2021. And expect to see the new and better world. As this 2020 has been really tough for everyone.

WHO Take On The Situation

WHO take on this situation is that people on this globe should invest more in health sciences so that we can stay safe from such pandemic and have a backup in the future.

What are your thought over this new variant?

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