100K followers down: what made Billie Eilish lose Insta audience

Celebrities receive backlash at many times when they don’t even deserve it. The masses that follow them on any social media start un-following them in thousands, if not millions. And this time, it was Billie Eilish that lost over 100k followers in one go! Her insta fam really went down!


Billie Eilish lost 100k followers on Instagram!

Apparently, an NSFW photo that Eilish posted on her Insta story hurt a lot of her followers’ sentiments which caused her to lose about 100k of her admirers!

Eilish posted a story regarding an ongoing trend called “Post a picture of” where people post images of whatever they are asked to! In the first story, she was asked to post a picture of her lock screen which consisted of a water color painting of two naked women.

When the 18-year-old was asked to post a picture of a drawing she is really proud of, she proceeded with posting several sketches that consisted of the female anatomy parts. She captioned the story with: “These probably lol i love boobs.”

Just a while after the posts were made, fans noticed a drastic drop in the singer’s follower count and pointed that she had lost over 100k followers! Billie took notice of the situation too and responded with: “LMFAOO y’all babies smh,” with 2 skull emojis!

Billie Eilish usually wears baggy clothes which get her a lot of backlash too but this time it was something completely harmless! Eilish keeps her style unique just because of the body shamers that spare no chance to criticise her.

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