Trump’s Tweet Against His Republican Party And Not Happy With Mitch McConnell

It seems like it is a big NO for Trump to accept that Joe Bidden has won the elections. Trump’s tweets are amongst the most famous things in this world. He doesn’t need anything to express what he feels like nor does he fear anyone.

trump's tweet regarding MC Connell

Donald Trump is not in the party to accept Bidden as the new President but he wants the same from his members as well. Why? Let’s find out!

Senate Majority Leader Mc Connell recently just accepted that the Joe Bidden is the new President. Well, if you don’t know then He wasn’t accepting Biden’s win before like Trump.

In his recent statement he said, “The Electoral College has spoken, so today I¬†want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden.”

Trump's tweet regarding Mc Connell

Trump’s Tweet On Mc Connell

This statement and acceptance of Mc Connell must be really disappointing for Trump. As he will be taking it as betrayal from them. Or it might hurt his feelings.

Trump’s Tweet ” I will never forget” regarding Mc Connell:

What do you think about this one? Do you think Trump’s response was justified? Well, we think Trump should accept that Bidden is the new President and let others accept it as well.

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