House Passes Bill To increase $2000 Stimulus Check

The legislation that passed, with 275-134 votes, has finally arrived since Trump has signed the bill law on Sunday. In this bill, the stimulus check has been the real issue. Or maybe the only issue due to which this COVID relief package has been extended to such time.

There has been a serious debate going on provided a $600 stimulus check to the ones who have been unemployed by the Congress. But Trump negotiated by increasing the number to $2000, prompting House Democrats to push for an increase.

stimulus check $2000

And after days of days of extending this bill it has finally passed that the unemployed affected from COVID-19 would be granted $2000. Which means Trump wins in this case.

Schumer Statement Regarding Stimulus Check

Chuk Schumer of New York has revelaed hat he has decided to planned and quickly passed the measure. He said:

Following the strong bipartisan vote in the House, tomorrow I will move to pass the legislation in the Senate to quickly deliver Americans with $2,000 emergency checks, Every Senate Democrat is for this much-needed increase in emergency financial relief, which can be approved tomorrow if no Republican blocks it — there is no good reason for Senate Republicans to stand in the way.”

stimulus check on $2000

Also, delay a crucial vote to override Trump’s veto on a defense funding bill has been threatened by the Bernie Sanders. It is threatened on the circumstance if congress holds the vote of $2000 stimulus check.

Well, whatever is going on hope this COVID relief package really proves to be effective and helpful for all the needy ones and the ones who have been effected by COVID-19 drastically.

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