As Shutdown Looms Trump Continues To Block COVID Relief Package

The COVID relief package is taking rounds on the news for so long. Its approval then denial and then Trump’s new decision is not just making this relief fund coming to an end.

The unemployment package was announced to be $600 and then he announced it to be $2000. But whatever, he demands the congress passed the final package of granting $200 to unemployees or as stimulus check per week.

trump continues to block package

And $600 loan to small businesses. But for now without Trump’s signature things can’t move on further. And due to this circumstances the US will face a shutdown on the last of Tuesday of 2020.

Trump’s Tweet – “Get Rid Of The Pork”

The former President knows his way of communicating with the audience and tell them whatever is on his mind through Twitter.

He tweeted saying that the great people indicating to the unemployed will receive $2000 rather $300. He also caption it saying “Get rid of the Prok.”

Here is his tweet. Enjoy!

Larry Sabato Comments

The director of the Centre for Politics at the University of Virginia named Larry Sabato says all the reasons behind this increment of $2000 because Donald Trump wants to look good.

Trump continues to block package

He further added: “And maybe he sees this as the crowning achievement as he leaves office, where he is defeating Congress and his own party. He’s probably more resentful toward members of his own party than he is the Democrats … He’s a hurt creature and he’s going to make all the other creatures hurt.”

What is your take on such move of former President?

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