How Christmas 2020 was celebrated across the USA

With more and more restrictions being placed on people around the new wave of Covid-19, people in America and all around the world were requested by their respective leaders and Health officials to stay home as much as possible and celebrate within the walls of their own houses rather than arranging massive feasts for the loved ones. Let’s look at how Christmas 2020 was celebrated across the USA.

how christmas 2020 was celebrated

How Christmas 2020 was celebrated across America!

Even before Christmas had arrived, people were being made aware of the life-altering effects that these gatherings could have on the lives of everyone. Top infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci had warned the people about having vast Christmas celebrations for their families and friends.

Taking all of this into consideration, the people of America were very conscious about how they celebrated this year. Most of them decided to stay home with their immediate families and have a COVID-free Christmas this year.

Restaurants that had only indoor sittings were closed down so that the masses could stay safe and only celebrate in the boundaries of their own houses and the restaurants that had outdoor sittings were told to practice a 2-week quarantine before anyone could start visiting such eatries.

While only a small percentage of people actually went out to have fun at their holidays, most of them stayed confined to the comforts of their homes and stay far and safe from the new strain of the Coronavirus.

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