Second Stimulus: Trump Demands $2000 Bill Check From Congress

COVID relief fund has been making news for past few days. Now, Trump has drop another news related to second stimulus. Lately, Trump has threatened Congress leader for the economic downfall and COVID relief package.

second stimulus check

But suddenly like always the former President has come with another surprise about the second stimulus. Lately, the $900 COVID relief package and for the second stimulus has been making rounds. And how about their approval or denial everyone is waiting for.

But the never-ending political rivalries and opposite points of view will take a few more days to reach the conclusion, at least this is what is it seems like.

Trump Recent Announcement On Second Stimulus

Last time Trump tweeted a video on Twitter saying that he wanted a $900 billion packages out of which $600 will be given to the second stimulus but now suddenly the former President has changed the amount.

Not in a negative but in a positive way. He announced $2000 for the bachelors and $4000 for the couples should be given for the check which is quite shocking.

Here’s the actual video of him speaking about it:

What are your thought over this announcement? Won’t it be just amazing for the COVID affected depressed people? What do you guys think?

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