5 Worst TV Shows of 2020 That You Don’t Wanna See!

In 2020 one thing that has kept us alive while quarantining in the lockdown or isolating is TV shows. But no doubt there were so many worst TV shows as well that we came across in 2020 ending up making most of us disappointed. Keeping the fact aside that some of them were exceptional and made our time remarkable.

“Netflix and chill” is everyone’s favorite time. And who doesn’t enjoy doing that? But imagine out of everything you take your leisure time out and came across the worst TV shows. It will make you really sad right? At the end know one wants to their free time to go in waste.

So, here we are caring about you guys and have listed 5 TV shows of 2020 that you should avoid and don’t waste your time on. Here we go!

5 Worst TV shows Of 2020

1. Ratched:

This shows Netflix’s origin story was based on Ryan Murphy. But what made this to the list of worst TV shows is the over dramatic cinematic. There outfits and the neon color visuals were nothing but annoying. Apart from that, lame and unnecessary sexual content no one enjoys watching.

2. Connecting:

Well, there was nothing wrong in this series but what made this show worst is the point we are watching shows to come out of this reality of 2020. And this show exactly reciprocate what we are going through right now. As this show is all about connecting with friends through online and this made us feel sleeping while watching it. Which means not interesting!

3. Love Is Blind:

Indeed love can be blind but not how they are sowing in this reality show. Ever heard the word “Cringe”? Well, this show is all about that. It is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey in which candidates communicate with strangers with wall in between and after that meeting they have to get engaged and marry latter. Which is quite senseless?

worst tv shows of 2020

4. Utopia:

Imagine watching a show in which hero dies in the second episode? Not interesting right? Well, that’s what happens in Utopia. This show is all about searching for a comic book with a hidden meaning behind it.

5. Dismantled:

This show hosted by Titus Burgess is not more than a joke. And when we say that we are not kidding! In this show chefs are blindfolded and they are asked to taste a food while being blindfolded. Then they are supposed to make that food by guessing it. Seems like a joke right?


These were to top 5 worst TV shows of 2020 of our shows. If you were given a chance to remove and add one which one it would be?

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