Here’s What’s Inside the $900 COVID Relief Bill

Two parties and Leaders of House and Senate get into a huge argument on late Sunday regarding the $900 COVID relief bill that includes huge help for the unemployed and the direct cash payment for the needy ones of those whose life is severely affected with COVID.

Then after that, few changes were made by the bipartisan groups of lawmakers. And came out with the new conclusion which was direct stimulus check at the last minute. But at the same time aid to states and protection liability were affected negatively.

If this bill gets pass then it will be the second-largest COVID relief fund by the cares after the $2 Trillion Cares Act that was approved by Congress in March. Also, the lawmakers will be giving their votes on Monday and pass the bill to former President Donald Trump for the list signatures or approval.

COVID relief bill

Now, if you are wondering what exactly is one the $900 COVID relief bill then the full exact document is still not released but here’s a bit that we know about the stimulus.

What This $900 COVID Relief Bill Is About?

Stimulus Check:

This package of COVID releif fund is planning to give direct $600 to the individuals. Remember to those who comes under low incomes that they don’t face further troubles due to COVID.

COVID relief bill

Help For Unemployment:

Those who are facing unemployment and are currently jobless due to this pandemic will be given $300 weekly from the end of December to March.

Help To All The Small Businesses:

This COVID relief bill will open a second slot so that the small businesses can take loans for the profits and further workings. The first slot or round is now closed.

Funding For Schools And Child Care:

This bill aims to provide $82 billion to the aid of k-12 schools and colleges. And this is just not it, they will provide with additional $10 millions as well for the kids care.

Rental And Nutrition Assitance:

This bill also has big plans for the rental and nutrition assistance.

Isn’t this just amazing? We hope this COVID relief fund gets approved and helps the needy ones.

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