$600 Stimulus Check Approved

It seems like there are a lot of facilities for unemployment ahead. According to the new coronavirus $600 stimulus bill which yet has to be passed on on Sunday or Monday, states that $600 government payments, 11 weeks of unemployment benefits, or more help for small business ventures will be done that are affected due to COVID.

The negotiations intercession between the two congress leaders of House and Senate has been done and both the parties have signed off the content. which means this bill is being approved by the House and Senate as well.

$600 stimulus check approved

On the behalf of this bill Senate, the Majority Leader has name Mich McConnell has done the announcement regarding the $600 stimulus. She opened about how more help or the COVID- affected people are on the way.

“More help is on the way, It will be another major rescue package for the American people. If our citizens continue to battle the coronavirus this holiday season, they will not fight alone.”

Mich McConnell is always seen working or at least think for the betterment of humans.


Further Plans Of $600 Stimulus

This is expected to be the part of a massive legislature that is funding the federal government through September. And the final passage that is denial or approval on this $600 stimulus has to be done on Monday. This requires another reason to keep the government open past Sunday.

Mentioning about the past events, then the same but with few differences, the $900 billion stimulus bill has been passed in October which in numbers is less than half of $2 trillion. Also, keeping in mind Senate Republicans can’t pass bills more than $500 billion twice. And just like that, sadly CARES Act approved more than half funds but those can’t be spent.

So, what are your thoughts about the $600 stiumulus bill Do, you think governement will pass it or not? Well, whatever it is let’s just hope for the best!

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