Tiger Woods was seen playing golf with his 11-year-old son

Tiger Woods, known for being one of the best golfers and athletes. Holding numerous golfing records he is equally admired by the people who know him too. And now it seems like his son Charlie will be carrying on his father’s legacy as Tiger Woods was seen playing golf with his young one.

tiger woods was seen playing golf

Tiger Woods was seen playing golf with Charlie Axel Woods!

Tiger has been on TV since he was 2 but now the spotlight might be stolen by his 11-year-old as he played pretty impressive shots with his father watching over him for the PNC Championship for pro golfers and their families.

Being the youngest contender in the game, Charlie impressed everyone massively with his 175-yard to 3-feet eagle shot. He looked like the exact shadow of his pro-golfer father.

Although the older Woods keeps his personal life super private, it was his idea to let his son play the tournament just so they could have a little fun together. “Just making sure we had fun. I think he did,” Tiger told ESPN.

Charlie has learnt golf by watching numerous videos of his father’s victories and has picked a lot of things from his old man including his brilliant golfing skills of course!

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