Eric Bana’s Daughter Is All Set To Follow Her Dad’s Footsteps By Getting Into Show Business

Eric Bana is quite famous for his movies like hunk and roles playing alongside Brad Pitt and many more. Well, if you don’t know that he is an Australian actor who is loved and recognized by the industry and his fans. And now he is all set to be seen again on the screens with his new flick “The Dry.”

Well, the news is not about him but about his 18-year-old daughter Sophia who is all set to put her steps in the show business. Eric Bana and his wife Rebecca share an 18-year-old daughter and a 22-years-old son Klaus, whose face is still not revealed yet.

As keeping their kids life private and out of glam is there number one priority and their daughter Sophia couldn’t be more thankful of them for such decision as she said in the premiere of The Dry: “I am very glad they did that because growing up would have been very different.”

Eric Bana’s Daughter’s Future Plans

While speaking about her career plans she told the media that soon she will be joining the dance university. She said: “I am about to go into full-time dance at uni,’I really have no idea where it’s going to go.”

And when she was asked whether she takes advice from her super dad or not that she said that she doesn’t like relying too much on her dad.

Sophia added into her statement saying, “He doesn’t really talk about it too much. I am just trying to figure it out myself, I don’t want to lean on him too much. If I had any questions I could ask,”

Eric Bana daughter Sophia all to take baby steps in business

Well, whatever it is we are really excited to see the baby Sophia on the screens because she sounds really humble and sweet. And wishes all the best for her university. Are you excited to see her on screen?

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