This Is How Much World’s Billionaires Have Gotten Richer In 2020?

2020 might have bought a lot of downfall in terms of emotional as well as financial and that’s the same case with some of the world’s billionaires. Well, they all are playing in dollars due to some reasons and they might also know how to ace even the toughest time. But this time none of their strategies worked it seems like.


If we count in numbers then there are 2,200 billionaires on this globe which has around 7 billion population. And now to know how much billionaires have gotten richer then keep up with the pace. Also, never we never lack in giving credits. This all survey and information are found by Forbes.

They know the best about how to find out every informative details out.

Billionaires Got Richer By $1.9 Trillion

This heading might be surprising for you but this is all true. This figure is quite a loss or downfall for the billionaires as compared to the figure of last year then they got richer by $11.4 trillion last year. And this time it seems like economically the earth is getting into troubles and crises as well.

Talking about the US then around 600 businessmen reside over here and they have got richer with around $4 trillion but this time the US somehow despite the ongoing situation didn’t manage to beat unbeatable China. As in China $750 billion is increased comparatively US which $560 billion. And this list France comes third by earning $500 billion.

Elon Musk Profit Statement

This might not be the case with Elon Musk as he still manages to win with his strategies. According to the Forbes list, he owns the crown of growing his business from $27 billion to $137 billion, and that too in 12 months. It is exceptional!

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