Final Days Of Trump In The Office

The new public chosen President is now Bidden and the former President Trump is still in the denial phase. Well, he accepts it or not he has to bid his final farewell. And due to that, he is now at the moment spending his final days in the office.

It seems like this time the final days apart from sad are going to be less memorable because of the pandemic and rising cases with rocket speed in the US.

But the matter of fact is nor the Donald neither his supporters are excepting that he has won this election and Bidden is our new President. Even’ Donald Trump hasn’t changed his Instagram handle as well.

Trump And His Supporters

It’s funny how Trump’s top public health are begging people to follow all the precautions and avoid social gathering but on the other hand there is no stop to Trump and his allies.

Although the situation is out of control and the cases are growing rapidly but Trump still insists his voters to take the rallies and that too without a mask. Apart, from that 25 indoor parties in the white house are going on with approximately 50 guests.

The coordinator of the White House, Deborah Birx spoke few words the NBC saying;

“This is not just the worst public health event, This is the worst event that this country will face, not just from a public health side.”

trump final days in office

These are words of the Brix for all those supporters of Trump not following SOP’s and joining in the rallies risking their health.

They are wrong — and you can see the evidence base, And right now, across the Sun Belt, we have governors and mayors who have cases equivalent to what they had in the summertime yet aren’t putting in the same policies and mitigations that they put in the summer, that they know changed the course of this pandemic across the South. So it is frustrating because not only do we know what works, governors and mayors used those tools to stem the tide in the spring and the summer.”

What are your thoughts about this behavior from the citizens and the leader? We think that this time we all need to sit at home and look after our health as it has to be our first priority.

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