Taylor Swift named EW’s Entertainer Of The Year.

The 30-year-old singer/songwriter, Taylor Swift surprised the fans this month when she released her new album “Evermore” not even half a year later than her previous album “Folklore.” And now she has been named EW’s Entertainer Of The Year. Keep reading to learn more about the singer’s achievement.

ew's entertainer of the year

EW’s Entertainer Of The Year!

Taylor’s recent albums have been equally loved by her fans and everyone who listened to it. Her songs consisted of new characters and storylines, something that Swift hadn’t done in her previous songs.

When asked about the inspiration for her album, she told EW that: “Early in quarantine, I started watching lots of films. Consuming other people’s storytelling opened this portal in my imagination and made me feel like, Why have I never created characters and intersecting storylines?”

As her 9th album was a secret from her fans, the only people that knew about it were her boyfriend, her family, and her management team. When EW’s Entertainer Of The Year was asked about keeping it a secret, she said: “Well, it felt like it was only my thing. It felt like such an inner world I was escaping to every day that it almost didn’t feel like an album. Because I wasn’t making a song and finishing it and going, ‘Oh my God, that is catchy.’

She added that: “I wasn’t making these things with any purpose in mind. And so it was almost like having it just be mine was this really sweet, nice, pure part of the world as everything else in the world was burning and crashing and feeling this sickness and sadness. I almost didn’t process it as an album. This was just my daydream space.”

While Swift’s last albums have revovlved around breakups and love affairs, this one hits different. You can stream “Evermore” now and give us your thoughts too!

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