Christmas in America amidst COVID-19

As the pandemic is reaching its peak in the second wave, people are actually concerned as to how they will be able to celebrate Christmas in America this year! There are currently 16 Million reported cases of Covid in the country with over 296,000 deaths.

christmas in America

Christmas in America this year!

The top infectious disease specialist in the US, Anthony Fauci warned the people that Christmas celebrations could cause the virus to spread more than Thanksgiving as they start weeks before the actual Christmas Day.

He quoted that people travel on Thanksgiving for a brief period of time and make it back home as soon as possible but Christmas can be more challenging as weeks of celebration until the New Years’ extend the period of vulnerability (of the virus spread) by two or three times!

He did not forget to mention that he himself will be spending his time away from his three daughters who avoided travelling due to the spread as well.

A World Health Organization official recommended on Thurday that outdoor gatherings could be an option for families to get together but people are still confused as to what they should do in this time of such a powerful spread of COVID-19.

It will better for the families in the States to remain home and celebrate Christmas following the proper restrictions as the country is still facing a large amount of deaths due to COVID-19.

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