Amazon’s Goal Is To Train 29 Million People To Work In The Cloud

We all know that Amazon is ruling the internet and its product are all over the place. Everyone can’t thank enough and its services. As they are the best seller e-commerce business ever. They are the inspirations for many other brands as well because they are doing their best!

Amazon’s New Goal:

Amazon proved just that they are not good in services but also in humanity as well. Because their new agenda is to train 29 million people to be able to work in the organization by 2025. My friends 29 million is no less number!

Now the point is where the thought came from? Well, the root is very thoughtful. Since due to COVI-19 a lot of people have lost their jobs and have suffered a lot financially due to this yellow company decided to hire such a program.

amazon to hire 29 million people for job

If we go in depth the company itself already has 1.3 billion employees worldwide as the company is globally spread. Also, 867,000 people who have lost their job were landed jobs in July in Canada and the USA. Still, it is planning to hire at least 133,000 employees by the end of the year.

This program of hiring 29 million employees include training them and to prepare them for the entry-level skills. Obviously, those who are already engineers do have advantages.

“We’ve been working on at Amazon Web Services to make sure we’re looking for new ways to train and certify individuals around the world with expanded job skills” These are the words of Teresa Carlson Vice president of Amazon.  She further added, “I pushed the idea that they should be working backward from the job skills that are needed. “In the U.S. alone, Accenture estimates 33 million American reskilled workers could transition into new jobs.”

Are you pleased with this news? Isn’t it a very big program to be carried by the 2025? What do you think comment down below!

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