Starship launched and crashed! The new SpaceX endeavor

Although the Elon Musk owned company SpaceX is famous for its Falcon 9 rockets shooting satellites in to their orbits, their recent mission was a fail. The prototype that is supposed to take humans to Mars crash landed, failing to reach its destination. Keep reading to know more!

starship launched and crashed

Starship launched and crashed!

The prototype which was created by Musk in hopes of taking people to planet Mars was launched on Wednesday at 5.45 PM for a test run. SpaceX was pretty hopeful for this mission as they had high hopes for their new creation!

After taking flight, the prototype did its job for about 6 and a half minutes before descending back to the designated area. But the landing wasn’t as successful as planned by the SpaceX employees!

The prototype oriented itself vertically and fired the 3 engines required for the slowdown but unfortunately was seen destroyed in to a pit of smoke and flames a few seconds before landing on the crash site. This is how Starship launched and crashed in to a fireball.

But Elon Musk was still satisfied with this flight as he later published the follwing tweet on his Twitter account.

This mission was still a better success than the previous ones as the former rockets disintegrated even before leaving land!

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