4 Pakistanis That Made Up To Forbes 30 Under 30

Coming in the list of Forbes 30 and that too under the age of 30 is something HUGE! Here are 4 Pakistanis who fulfilled their dreams by coming to it and making their nation proud. Forbes 30 under 30 of North America makes sure that the least has every single deserving one in the list.

And this time they did justice to these Pakistanis by listing their names in it. Getting shortlisted among the 600 entrepreneurs is not a piece of cake. and these Pakistani young talent managed to appear in the 10th annual release of Forbes in the category of Marketing and Advertising, Games, and Education.

Informations About The Pakistanis That Made Upto Forbes 30

So the 4 of the talented and proudest heroes of the nations are mentioned below with their categories and their skills.

Sana Khan For Games:

29 years old Sana Khan is the only Pakistani woman this time making up to the Forbes list. Well, she work in the Google as Program Manager. And she also makes strategies for go-to market and hardware planning for the technology’s huge gaming service Stadia.

Not just that, she supports Pakistani women by programing scholarships for women developers. Which is simply wow!

4 pakistanis under forbes 30 under 30

Danish Dhamani For Education:

Pakistan’s origin and South Africa grown up, Danish Dhamani was quite shy, introvert and used to face speaking problems in his students life and even in job interviews. when he moved to US he found himself a speeching app called Orai along with his classmates Aasim and Paritosh.

From corporate clients that includes Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Comcast and IBM and individuals who used to pay $10 per month. Danish found 5000 users who used the app and gave feedbakc about how much they improved in their speech skills.

This startup is soon to be going profitable and has raised fund for around $2.3 million.

Asad J Malik For Marketing & Advertising:

After getting graduated from Bennigton Colleg, Pakistan Asad moved US in 2016 for further studies. And became a storyteller with the hints of relaity.

Later, this Pakistani young stunner became CEO of Jadu AR, which is an app that makes holograms and amazing 3D performances for Instagram or TikTok famous stars. Just for the sake of them making sound realistic and appealing to the audience.

Faizan Bhatti For Marketing & Advertising:

in 2019, Faizan Bhatti along with his best friend Kenan Saleh co-founded an vehicle advetising brand called Halo Cars.

Which made the rides of Uber and Lyft drivers more fascinating and a way to attracts customers towards their ride. and within the year of inception, his company was sold to Lyft itself. Which is just Ah-mazing.

These were some of the popular faces from now onwards. We really appreciate adults from different regions making up this list. And this list proves Pakistan is full of talented youth. What is your take on that?

Do you dream about featuring in this list as well?

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