Justin Bieber To Be Back On The Stage After 3 Years On New Year Eve?

It seems like Justin Bieber is back from his hibernation stage. Talking about him the energy he brings on the stage is unbeatable. And no doubt we all the beliebers missed it. The last time he performed his concert was a tour which happened from March 2016 to July 2017.

justin bieber in his concerts

And after that even in pre-Covid times, he didn’t perform although he kept on releasing his albums. Bieber recently released his song Monster which was a collab with Shawn Mendes. And his other song Yummy just went viral and everyone can just not resist being obsessed with it.

Justin Bieber To Be Back On New Year Eve

But now it feels like Justin Bieber is finally back from the long break of 3 years on the stage. As he breaks the news through his Instagram captioning it saying, doing a little something with tea mobile.

While talking about tmobile Bieber stated that: “I’ve worked with T-Mobile for a long time — they’re such a fun brand, and we’re working on more surprises to watch out for during this special night,”

Are you excited for this concert? well we are as well and we would be more happier if it wouldn’t for COVID times. what are thoughts in it? Also, which of the Justin Bieber songs you love to carpool on?

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