iPhone User Reports Battery Problems With iOS 14.2

It legit feels like another month and another update of iPhone iOS. There have been so many updates that now the company has reached the counting 14.2. Well, there’s nothing to argue about the services of apple people love it and dislike it at the same time. But the ratio of iPhones obsession is like crazy.

Well, iPhone is back with another update which is iOS 14.2 and we guess users are not in love with it. Why? Because of the drastic drain in the battery. Talking about the battery, iPhone and battery does not have a good relationship though we have accepted the fact that users do face problems with its battery most of the time.

iPhone iOS 14.2 battery problem

But this time it is insane!

iPhone New Update Have Battery Draining Problem

This update is possible in 7, 7plus, 8, and all the latest models of apple along with iPads and iPods. But everyone is complaining about how this new version has literally killed their battery. Most of them are saying that their batter is going down like nothing else and this has been happening after installing the new update.

Do you think we guys are joking or making self-talks? well, here are some of the many tweets of apple users’ complaints.


Some the complains were sarcastic AF!

And some of them were really disappointed.


Not forgetting to mention Apple in this case is not being careless or ignorant like others and promised they will fix the problems while replying to most the tweets.

Apple Support’s Response

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