Cardi B Shows Support To Teyana Taylor After She Discloses Her Retirement

Cardi B or we should say Grammys award winner just recently supported Teyana Taylor and now you must be wondering why? Well, no this is not out of nowhere she is showing her support it all due to reasons. But before starting it just wanted to declare that Cardi B always proved herself to be one the most sweethearts in the globe or industry world.

cardi B shows support

Well, Teyanna Taylor just announced her retirement from the music industry. And no this is not because its her age or all. But due to not receiving any sort of appreciation. The singer expressed how she has been feeling under rated and her songs are over looked. But even in this hardest time she was sweet enough to thanked her fans for everything.

Teyana Taylor’s Instagram Post

She started her post by saying Thanks to her fans and how much she appreciate them. And ended with the oldest sayings that one door closes and the other opens. Well, this is quite saddening!

Remaining caption you guys can enjoy:

Cardi B Shows Support To Teyana

Soon after this on December 5, Cardi expressed that she hates how Teyanna feels as she is so talented and also told her 2020 album’s her favorite.

She tweeted:

She even replied to the question her fan asked that which of Teyanna’s song is her favorite? And she was sweet enough to write it down.

She replied saying where do I start? This means Cardi B loves tons of her songs.

Well, isn’t she just sweetest? We know right she is. Apart from Cardi B do you also feel sad for Teyana Taylor’s announcement of retirement?

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