Apple is mandatory to give charger:

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Apple is mandatory to add a charger with every iPhone sold in brazil., the consumer’s protection agency of the state has declared that.

In October, the Procon-SP (PUBLIC AGENCY) has complained the Apple and inquired why the chargers are not adding in every iPhone sold?

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However, company responded that due to environmental benefits, charger and other accessories are not providing in every iPhone sold,

the company further said that the majority of the users have extra chargers so the company is avoiding the mining of those elements which harm the earth.

Procon-SP response to Apple:

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Procon-SP ( the consumer’s protection agency) said in a press relief that the charger is a necessary part of smartphones and to sell smartphones without a charger is against the law.

the company further said that Apple had not enough support to sell a smartphone without a charger, this action is reviewed by the consumer’s protection agency and will make a fine decision.

However, the federal government of Brazil has taken a decision that the apple is mandatory to add a charger with every iPhone sold in Brazil.

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Apple has also faced the same situation in France in which the government of France has taken a decision to add ear-pods in every iPhone sold in France.

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