Covid-19 stimulus checks of $1200 Billion might be as yet in play according to Joe Biden:

Covid-19 is a pandemic which is a top trend in the whole world. Newly elected President of the United States, Joe-Biden is very serious about this pandemic. He wants to work and provide special relief to the citizens. In hospitals, the pandemic condition is very serious. He raised his voice about the relief funds for this disease. Biden added that the $908 billion packages were announced for the Covid-19 relief fund but some of the packages are negotiated by Congress. We should work for the safety of people. It is not easy to maintain and shortly control the millions of people. He said he supports adding the checks to the fund. This call will not only help the American workers but also give relief to the paramedical staff. He interviewed that the stimulus package is better to add and we should support this voice. Congress and other political parties should push the recent government. Trump is not serious about this disease. He failed to control and give relief to the public. This initiative will help us to work more properly in an easy way. All the political parties, agencies, and law-making institutions should work as a group. 

Joe-Biden views to controll Covid-19:

Doctors and coworkers who are struggling day and night and have a right to get good relief for the vaccine, medicins, testing kits, and safety covers. According to the Diplomats, we need to change the system and policy about this situation. By given thousands of jobs to needy and poor people, we should also offer good relief funds to the medical staff and hospitals. Biden was ready to talk to the lawmakers for stimulus when it was privately discussed for the relief fund. A major holdup to any stimulus causes to get a majority in Senate. In a joined political committee, it was discussed by many government officials and political parties that we should proceed with this initiative. When it was asked a question that whether he had spoken to McConnel for a stimulus deal, he remained silent. Some of the critics don’t want to participate and approve this initiative to deal with this pandemic. They think that this package was not discussed in U.S Reps. 2 of the Senators called for the stimulus package and others wanted to add this to the total package. A political official Sanders said that this should be significantly improved in the new law. With the pessage of time the process will be implemented by all political parties.

Nency Pelocy talks about pandemic and unemployement fund

Key Background of critical support of Covid-19 stimulus fund:

Earlier efforts were partly dead before. During this week, the new efforts of a bipartisan group of U.S senators-Sen. Mark Warner, Sen. Rob Portman, and others planned to include $300 weekly for federal unemployment payments for four more months. Our purpose is to give short-term liability protection for businesses and $288 Billion of small business. These critical points were also discussed with Donald Trump before Election day. Biden’s this critical point may help to release the pressure while he will enter his presidency in January. Coronavirus initiatives are very important for the new president. This will help him to promote his vision for the sake of the public. People feel relax in that condition when they think that someone is working for them. These days, corona’s second wave is very very critical. Joe Biden demanded that our struggle and implementation for stimulus is very important. If we will not step up, the future will be very bleak. Nancy Pelosi said that the compromising bill could be a starting point for talks between Republicans and Democrats.

Peramedical staff talks about the Covid relief fund

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