Joe Rogan fans anger after the podcast:

Spotify signs 'The Joe Rogan Experience' to an exclusive multi-year deal |  TechCrunch

Joe Rogan is considered one of the best among the podcasters on YouTube. His YouTube channel hit 10 million subscribers and approximately 965,000,000 views.

Joe Rogan is a podcaster on YouTube as well as he is also considered a celebrity or social media star. He has hosted a variety of celebrities including Elon Musk and Kanye West.

However, many rising concerned back after he announced that the podcast would be producing completely over to Spotify.

Before the second of December 2020 you can easily access all his episodes on his YouTube channel but after the second of December whole episode of the podcast only available on Spotify.

I don’t know why but it is done by Joe Rogan.

The podcasting world is now Spotify versus everybody else - The Verge

The description of his previous episodes is changed. The description of his previous episodes which were available on his YouTube channel includes, ” This clip is taken from the series of Joe Rogan episodes, the full episode is available on Spotify.

The aggression of Joe Rogan fans:

Spotify and Joe Rogan under fire over Alex Jones role - BBC News

In the comment section, his fans show their aggression. One of his friends say “Bye To the podcast of Joe” another fan-written a comment that “I am not expected this from Joe”

Another comment of his disappointed fan is that “Tried listening on Spotify. I can’t handle the 10 straight minutes of ads, and having Joe read them just makes me suddenly able to tune out everything he says without even trying to.

Sad times for me. Sad to say I am not switching from YouTube premium to Spotify premium for one podcast.”

it feels like that his fans are not satisfied with this action taken by Joe Rogan.

Rogan good relationship with Spotify:

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Rogan has a very good relationship with Spotify. He has also spoken about this when he was criticized in October for Alleged censorship.

In Rogan’s 1544 episode, he used to call him a “Great Company” and he further said about Spotify that “they are neutral and they manage their clients very well.”

The podcasting world is now Spotify versus everybody else - The Verge

The honest opinion is that the fans of Joe Rogan are extremely disappointed and it will surely impact the number of audience of his episodes.

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