Isolation Period Should Be Shorter For People Suffering From COVID-19?

Isolation is something we all have been doing it for almost an year but too avoid getting infected with the virus. But we all are now are aware of the fact that it is 14 days isolation period prescribed to those who are suffering from Coronavirus. As, in this time the virus is supposed to minimize and vanish.

Not just the research, but most of the COVID positive people have accepted the fact that after 14 days of isolation there report cleared it as COVID negative.


But this is old research now let’s find out what does the latest research says about the isolation?

New Research Says 10 Days Isolation Period?

New research has found that COVID-19 patients show the symptoms after 2 days of catching the virus and that virus goes on after 5 days afterward.

isolation period to get shortened

But then the question arise how much people who have COVID illness should isolate themselves to get rid of the virus?

Well, the new research suggested that isolating for 10 days is more than enough as in this period COIVD-19 and the virus totally vanishes. And the research says the same about the one who is having mild symptoms. That the virus won’t last more than 5 days or 7 days. And the isolation of only 10 days is enough.

“Even if you were to get the P.C.R. test right on the very first day that you could, by the time you get the results back, 90 percent of your shedding has been completed,” Says Doctor Micheal Mina. He also added further that “This meta-analysis shows just how short your transmission window is.”

Do you guys think this is the right thing to do for such a serious cause? Well, we think if researcher are suggesting then there must be some reasons and concepts behind it that we should respect.

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