Kardashians Pranked Justin & Hailey Bieber, Travis Scott, And More

When it comes to making things interesting and fun Kardashians name should be on top. And at the same time when it comes to feeling Christmas spirit whole heartedly Kardashians name should come on the top. Because they know both the things to do with all their hearts.

As Christmas is close Jenners and Kardashians will keep on entertaining us as they have been doing it for past years. This time they begin it by pranking all the cool celebrities in the town.

kardashians pranking celebs

Kardashians Video Pranking Celebs

On Tuesday videos Kris Jenner with her five ever so famous daughters pranked celebrities like Justin Bieber, Addison Ray, Dave Chappelle, Jennifer Lawrance, Haily Bieber, Tristan Tompson, David Dobrik, Lala Anthony, Jaden Smith, Travis Scott, and Tyler The Creator.

What they did was facetime all these celebrities and when each one of them picked up the call they all went into the state of the mannequin. Which confused all of them thinking that’s the photo frame or the real them. When in actuality they were statue which is the quite funny and clever idea at the same time.

Here’s the video:

Some Of Our Favorite Reactions:

Our favorite reaction has to be Travis Scott, who is the father of Kylie’s daughter. He asked, “What is going on?” and then left the call yelling “Bye.” On the other hand Davvid Chappelle was found saying, “Holy Sh*t.”

The Biebers reaction was quite funny too. Justin Bieber acted normal while Hailey was quite shocked for a second and then uttered “Hello?”

Kendal and Kylie’s mutual friends Taco seems to say, “What the f***! I am in trouble!” And lastly, one of our favorite reactions was of Tristan Tompson as he casually picked up the call saying “Hey?” and after microseconds saying “What the?” (you know the rest)

Well, we really loved this video as it much needed moment of 2020 which we are lacking. Hope to see some more fun stuff really soon as well. Keep following us as we will be updating you with every latest news.

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