Internet Is in Aww Over Nicki Minaj’s Baby Boy’s Voice Note

The Barbie “Nickie Minaj” and her obsession with her baby boy are real though. And it’s a fact the more celebrities hide their personal life the more intrigued fans get about them. And we guess the same is happening when it comes to “Superb Ass” fame singer.

Nicki Minaj just posted a little glimpse of her baby on social media on the occasion of her first wedding anniversary with Kenneth Petty. Well, the picture wasn’t anything related to the face of the little munchkin but only feet that made their fans love it as well.

Nicki Minaj baby boy

Nicki Minaj Little Man’s Voice Note

Well, Nicki Minaj just posted a video of her baby boy on Twitter which more on the audio side. In which she was found saying:

Say hi to the Barbsz, papa bear. Say hi. Whatcha doin’? Say something. Aww, you said hi to the Barbz? Good boy.”

Isn’t it just cute, adorable, and sweet all at once?

Few Responses From The Fans

And from that audio internet and her fans went crazy with some comments like OMG, I am not crying your are and many more.

Do you find this video of Nicki Minaj, cute as well? We can’t wait the day for her baby boy’s face revelation as it is generating more curiosity day by day.

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