Google unlawfully kept an eye on specialists for desperately terminating them U.S work board asserts in 2020:

Google is the top-rated search engine in the world. People trust it’s credibility. They follow all the rules and regulations. Yesterday, Google disregarded U.S work laws, by keeping an eye on specialists who were sorting out worker fights. Today, the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB) claims that because of this step our two laborers are also terminated. This is not a good sign from an institution that is trustable for millions of users in the world. Our main purpose was to arrange a meeting in which we can solve many labor issues before the board. A laborer named Berland was organizing a slogan against the search engine’s decisions to work with IRI consultants. NLRB found complaints of many workers against this search engine. Security is the biggest problem in national laws. It is unlawful for a company that can manage these issues every time. The whole labor follows the NLRB. Now it resulted that it was an unlawful step that can destroy the career of some hard working people. It was said that an employee was asked for a job and his IP address. Later on, this address was used to leak the information to other members.

Complaint on Google for illegal detection

Google need to work on its clarity:

The protest was not allowed in any case before the board. When these two members were exposed by Google and fired by the company caused many negative impacts on the search engine. People should aware that their information can be leaked anytime. Protest and activism were illegal, but it was the right of the board to take a serious decision. The internet tools are not allowed to detect those people who are working against the laws. When thousands of people wake of protests and fired, but only two were terminated. There should be a justice system between all the employees. This was a complaint to NLRB that take notice of unlawful decisions against these two members. They were not the only ones who walked out for the protest. The NLRB wrote a complaint on my behalf. They found that I was wrongfully attempting to support my associates. I claimed that for my struggle many employees were walking for me. I cannot turn around the damage, done to my validity. If Google doesn’t settle down the issues then in near months there will be a judgment against unlawful activities. In the judgment, there will be a compulsion by the law that the organization should repay the wages to both of the candidates Bernald and Spiers.

Labour blamed that it is illegaly detected 2 people

Google helps to find illegal activities:

This top-rated search engine has been irritated in outrage lately. Over 20,000 representatives and temporary workers took an interest in walkouts. Security policy is a major issue but the statement was given by Google that we will work against all unlawful activities that try to damage the organization. It should be admirable that the individuals are undermined to protect the security policy against unlawful activities. America and other countries claimed that laborers have their fundamental right to work against illegal activities, but it is not right the only 2 people should be targeted and lamed before everyone. Google collects the data of millions of people around the world. It needs to find clarity amongst the people and their activities. There should be a judgment against those people who breach the security and leak the data toward other non-state actors. They can take benefit and take a step against the organization. It will work against core values. Google has the authority, not only support the organizations but also help them to find illegal activities. In conclusion, we can say that the termination of only two employees is not valid. There should be support for equal rights.

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