Cardi B gives a shoutout to a girl fighting brain cancer

It is always a pleasure to see a celebrity using their platform for good. Cardi B this time gave a shoutout out to a little girl named “Lyric” who is a 4- year old suffering from brain cancer!

cardi b gives a shoutout

Cardi B gives a shoutout to Lyric!

On Tuesday Cardi took over her Instagram to let everyone know about the little girl Lyric and how she and her strength of character inspired Cardi.

Cardi told her fans how “motivated” felt after watching Lyric’s videos and told her that “the world loves you.” She even added that the little girl’s videos had her a “bit emotional.”

In the end Cardi B gives a shoutout to Lyric’s parents, saying she could not even imagine as a mother herself what they are going through!

It is so heartbreaking watching the last video on your page and as a mother, I wouldn’t know what to do. I commend you so much. It is so tough being a parent and I can only imagine.” She added.

Cardi shared the girl’s page on her story with the caption “freakin pretty OK” before telling her fans about Lyric’s struggle!

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