Rumors Has It That ASAP Rocky And Rihanna Are In Relationship

Recently Rihanna just flies off with her 3 years-old relationship with her boyfriend Hassan Jameel. and now rumours have it that she is dating ASAP Rocky. Well, when it comes to the industry then legit feels like another day another rumoured couple on the front page of Paparrazi.

Well, to those who don’t know then Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are two long friends who been seen multiple times together on and off-screen. This is not just it, you might very well aware of the fact that ASAP Rocky has been the part of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty campaign.

Fenty Beauty Campaign Featuring ASAP Rocky

Since the rapper was the part of “Fenty” so, both Rihanna and Rocky were seen in some of the interviews together for the promotions. In one of those interviews when Rihanna was asked about her skin type the singer funnily replied saying my skin type is just like men “complicated.”

Well, its weird but a while ago back when the “Everyday” was asked if he’s dating the Fenty owner or not he replied saying, “I don’t even look her that way. She is beautiful but I am good.”

Not just the Fenty where they were seen together but for the Louis Vitton fashion week as well.

Rumors About Rihanna & ASAP Rocky

As it is now cleared that both of them are not unfamiliar with each other and have quite history as well. And the rumours took place when the New York Post captured the couple dining in with their friends in New York’s restaurant Beatrice inn.

Rih and the rapper allegedly shared a room as well in New York. If it’s true then it does make us suspicious as well. Well, whoever is spreading these rumours about Rihanna and Rocky is damn sure about their relationship.

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna dating each other allegedly

Well, let’s just wait for the approval or stimuli from either of them. Also, ASAP Rocky has also dated Kendal Jenner. What are your thoughts about this new alleged couple? Or do you think they are just friends or do your smell something fishy like us (in a positive way)?

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