Italty fined 10 million Euro on Apple about it’s extra water resistance claim:

Apple is a top-rated U.S designed smartphone. It is an authentic and high-quality mobile which covers the whole world. When it is launched, it provides a claim about its specifications. These days Apple launched a new iPhone which claims that it has water resistance. Every country offices have their own smartphones companies who check the credibility and performance of the new phone. According to the Italy spokespersons, they didn’t find those specifications which were claimed by the iPhone company. It was said that it has water resistance, but Italy found nothing capability in such mobile. Later after the iPhone received a fine of $12 Million from Italy. This was for the first time for the iPhone to receive this fine. Italy found it aggressive and misleading by this claim. According to their intellectuals, Apple has marketed its iPhone as a water resistance for several years, but they failed to clarify that it can be only applied under certain circumstances. It depends on their model that they can be applied for 30 minutes in some situations. iPhone needs to test first to introduce its qualities. It is not helpful for those people who buy the phone by following the specifications. This fine can be applied according to their certain results.

Italy fined $12M to Apple for waterprrof claim about iPhone

IPhone 12 water test: beyond the claim:

The new mobile which is recently launched was the iPhone 12. It was 100% claimed that this phone has a waterproof guarantee. It was not easy for every country to accept this claim for a long time. For the current time, this phone is tested in the labs to find certain credibility according to the claim. People were still unaware of its latest specification. Every country works according to its own choice. Italy thinks that this is sometimes the promotional trick for these mobiles to attract Millions of people for their new qualities. Apple was doing the same thing for a long time. On-site it was a better representation of the public. Almost for 30 minutes, it’s water capability was tested. The company was responsible for its performance. Markets and Shopping Malls buy this product according to the claims. A Money-back guarantee is the right of buyers against low-quality rates. This diverse the minds of the audience. Apple guides its buyers that don’t use mobile.

Claim was watching about 3 years, it was tested many times

End results about wter resistance claims:

From iPhone 8 to 11 claim was not taken seriously according to the circumstances. Apple warranty terms were also voided coverage about water damaged phones. The company should repair the damaged phone according to the claim. If a buyer uses its specifications then it is the iPhone’s duty to solve the related issues which belong to its results. The law about waterproof and batteries convicts iPhone in a doubt that what will happen for the next phone. How they will fulfill the restrictions from other countries. According to the AGCM, the Italian regulator also labeled that iPhone is not covering the water damage. This leaves a negative impact on those companies who order millions of items in a single time. The fine aimed to let them notice that you should solve your problems for the next phones. If it happens again and again then it means people will not easily trust and buy this product. iPhone has a standard and it cannot low its quality in an easy way toward the people. It does not happen for the first time that iPhone hit the Italian watchdog. in 2018, Apple reduced its claim about the software update.

Finally by the test team, fine was decided to put on Apple

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