How Cardi B celebrated her Thanksgiving 2020

The American rapper, Cardi B came under fire for hosting an almost 40-people dinner for Thanksgiving 2020 after large gatherings were specially barred due to the swift increase in the CORONA virus.

how cardi b celebrated

How Cardi B celebrated Thanksgiving!

It all started when the 28-year-old tweeted: “12 kids and 25 adults over the holidays. It was lit !!”

This tweet raised concerns about the health of the rapper and everyone around her as people thought Cardi made this event happen without taking the pandemic into consideration.

Cardi caught a whiff of the critisism and later tweeted this to let people know that she and everyone around was safe and tested for the virus!

This is how Cardi B celebrated her Thanksgiving! By being safe and taking all the necessary measures for the people around her and her family!

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