$1200 stimulus check will be given in December or not?

$1200 stimulus check will be given in December or not? Before the election, the US lawmakers are fixing the problem of the businessman who faces loss and those individuals who losses their jobs during this pandemic.

The finance experts have said that there is a need for more stimulus checks to give a boost in the US economy because the economy of the country is facing the worst time.

The current circumstances of the United States are worst and the Congress approval of direct cash payment for the Americans has passed 8 months.

so what about another stimulus payment???

However, President-elect Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump and his administrations all of them are in favor of another stimulus check.

But another stimulus payment has not yet been given.

Here we are updating you about another stimulus payment:

American’s are waiting for another stimulus checks:

More than 125 economic experts of the US has written a letter to the government in support of stimulus payment in which the main point of every economist is that the stimulus checks are best to give a boost in the economy and help people financially to fight with Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Yahoo/finance, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told CNBC that the republicans are in favor of stimulus checks and want a debate with the opposing parties. The purpose of this debate is to give another stimulus payment to those who need it.

He further said that I almost negotiated with the House speaker Nancy Pelosi before the election but he could not understand.

What are the possibilities of 2nd check:

The two big political parties of the United States are working for stimulus payments.

The President-elect Joe Biden and his party Democrats are in favor of $2.2 Trillion for the stimulus payment

But the former president Donald Trump and his party Republicans are in favor of $500 Billion.
A one-time economic adviser of former President Barack Obama said that in the current circumstances, Democrats are taking the right decisions.

According to Yahoo/finance, 60% of American’s have used their stimulus payment for paying their basic needs like foodstuffs and utility bills.

and the rest of the others 40% have used their first stimulus payments for buying medical and life insurances.

The President-elect Joe Biden is working to control the pandemic and to give a handsome stimulus package to help people financially.

As Joe Biden said in his election campaign that he defeats covid-19 if he becomes a president so all of us have hope that the other stimulus checks will be given in December.

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