Who Will Trump Give His 1st Post Election Interview?

Since ever the debate of elections is going on. Trump or Bidden none of them has confronted in an interview directly. And since election 2020 Trump has been most famous and controversial face on Twitter.

As that’s the only platform through which he is representing his point of views and denying his loss over Bidden. With twitteratzies and celebrities giving him reality check or supporting him. Well, what so ever but Trump has not done any real professional.

trump to appear in interview

Trump To Give His Frist Post Election Interview To Maria Bartiromo:

Well, this trend goes too long of the politics not giving an interview. Because interviews in the life of celebrities are as important as water to the horse. So, Trump will be giving his first interview to none other than an exceptional interviewer “Maria Bartiromo. “

The interview is supposed to go live on Fox News in the morning on Sunday at 10 am.

In the interview the former president will be seen taking about his perspective on the politics, elections 2020 (I mean like obviously), shouted question over him, his shocking remarks and more so interesting topics.

Moreover, he will also be seen taking about his denial about the fact of Bidden winning the 2020 elections and his allegations that these election were fraud.

So, are you guys excited to listen all the truths, acceptance and explanation from Trump? Which of the question you want him to answer?

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